#RomHack2019 Capture The Flag

28th of September 2019 in Rome from 19:00 to 24:00

CTF technical partner is Hack The Box which will take care of the organization


The CTF - which will take place immediately after RomHack in the evocative setting of the campus cloister - will be reserved to a limited number of teams each one up to 5 people that will compete for 5 hours on 3 boot2roots and 7 medium/high level challenges
Important: CTF will be played on site



At the end of the competition the three teams with the best score will be rewarded by organizers

How to participate

CTF registration will open the 8th of June 2019

If you are a team and you want more information drop an email to ctf [at] cybersaiyan.it
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Cyber Saiyan

Cyber Saiyan is the non-profit organization that takes care of the organization of RomHack
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